Updated On
November 5, 2023

FAQ - Integration and Setup

Q: How can I integrate Sendy with my website's opt-in form?

To integrate Sendy with your website's opt-in form, you can use Sendy's provided HTML form code or utilize Sendy's API.

If you choose to use the HTML form code, you can customize the form's appearance and fields according to your requirements and embed it on your website.

Alternatively, you can use Sendy's API to create subscribers programmatically, allowing for more flexibility in integrating with your website's opt-in form.

Q: What are the recommended methods for integrating Sendy with WordPress?

For seamless integration between Sendy and WordPress, the recommended method is to use the Sendy WordPress plugin.

The Sendy WordPress plugin allows you to easily embed subscription forms and manage subscriptions directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Simply install the plugin, enter your Sendy installation URL and API key, and you'll be able to take advantage of the integration features.

Q: How do I set up DKIM and SPF records for better email deliverability in Sendy?

To set up DKIM and SPF records for better email deliverability in Sendy, follow these steps:

  1. Access your DNS management panel for your domain.
  2. Create a DKIM record by adding a TXT record with the DKIM value provided by Sendy.
  3. Create an SPF record by adding a TXT record with the SPF value provided by Sendy.
  4. Save the changes and wait for the DNS changes to propagate.
  5. Once the changes have propagated, you'll have DKIM and SPF records set up for better email deliverability.

Q: Is it possible to import existing subscriber lists into Sendy?

Yes, you can import existing subscriber lists into Sendy. Sendy provides a CSV import feature that allows you to upload a CSV file containing your subscriber data.

The CSV file should include columns for email addresses, names, and any other custom fields you want to import.

Once you have prepared the CSV file, navigate to the Import page in Sendy, select the CSV file, map the columns to the appropriate fields in Sendy, and start the import process.

Sendy will then import the subscribers from the CSV file into your chosen subscriber list.

Q: Can I integrate Sendy with third-party CRM systems like Salesforce?

While Sendy does not offer direct integrations with third-party CRM systems, you can use Sendy's API to connect and exchange data with other systems, including Salesforce.

By utilizing the API, you can develop custom integrations or use third-party services that offer connectors between Sendy and Salesforce.

These connectors allow you to synchronize subscriber data, track email campaign performance, and automate processes between Sendy and Salesforce.