Built-in list cleaning

Protect your SES account and land your emails in Inbox at the same time.
Sendybay provides built-in list cleaning at an extremely
competitive price
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Protect SES account. Land emails in Inbox

Protect SES Account

Amazon can ban your account if you send campaigns to invalid emails. It is usually very hard to get your account reinstated. Cleaning your list drastically minimises the chances of such an event.

Improve Open & Click Rate

Sending campaigns to valid email only improves the chances of emails landing in Inbox. This in turn improves the engagement metrics of your campaigns. A cleaned list helps you win against your competition.

Avoid spam by protecting Domain Reputation

Email Service Providers like Gmail constantly maintain a score for your domain. If your domain reputation goes below a threshold level, your emails start landing in Spam folder. One of the key factors affecting domain reputation is attempting to send emails to mailboxes that do not exist.

How the magic works

Step 1: Upload Your List for Cleaning

When uploading a list in Sendybay, you will see an additional option to "Clean and import". This will trigger cleaning of your email list. It is that simple!

Step 2: Tracking cleaning progress

As your list gets cleaned, you will be notified about the progress. Behind the scenes, we are doing multiple passes at the emails to make sure they are valid. We use Neverbounce's API to guarantee that only postively invalid emails have been cleaned out.

Step 3: Schedule Campaigns

When scheduling emails, uncleaned lists are hidden. This is to prevent any accidental campaigns sent to lists you have chosen to clean. Once the cleaning is complete, you will be able to send email to the list. The invalid emails will automatically be ignored from the campaigns.


How many emails do you want to clean?



Pay As You Go Rates
  • upto 50,000
    upto 250,000
    upto 1,000,000
Price per email
  • $0.0015
  • $0.0008

What happens to cleaned emails?

Cleaned emails are automatically ignored from the campaigns. You can see the list of cleaned emails on clicking inside a list.

Do the credits expire?

No. Credits never expire.

How can I subscribe?

You can purchase credits from your Dashboard.

Which service do you use to clean the lists?

We've integrated with Neverbounce to bring you this service.

What are invalid emails?

Following are the reasons due to which an email could be invalid and ends up being cleaned -
Spelling error
Email is deleted
Email's Inbox is full
Temporary networking / DNS failures

What happens to cleaned emails?

Cleaned emails are excluded from email campaigns. In addition, you can they are displayed on the list details page. If you find any false positives, you can mark an email as valid by clicking on the tick mark next to the email on list details page.

Does same email get validated again?

No. Sendybay's list cleaning system is designed to minimise cost. Hence if an email already exists in the system, then we do NOT run cleaning for that email again. This is true even when same email is being added to different lists or brands.

If I upload more emails to an already cleaned list, what happens?

Adding more emails to a pre-cleaned list triggers list cleaning. Although, the system doesn't clean the entire list. It only cleans the new emails that were uploaded, hence minimising the cost.