Updated On
November 5, 2023

Download Sendy

How to Download Sendy: A Simple Guide

Sendy is a cost-effective, self-hosted email marketing tool that utilizes Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) to deliver newsletters.

There are two ways to download Sendy -

1. Download Sendy from Email

Below are the steps to download Sendy:

  1. Purchase a License: Start by purchasing a Sendy license from the official website (https://sendy.co/). The one-time fee gives you a license key, enabling you to use Sendy for any number of campaigns or subscribers.
  2. Account Confirmation: After payment, you'll receive a confirmation email. This contains a link to download the software and your license key.
  3. Download Sendy: Click on the download link in the email. This downloads a ZIP file containing all the necessary Sendy files.
  4. Save the Files: Save the downloaded ZIP file on your computer. Ensure you remember the location as you'll need to upload these files to your web server later.
  5. License Key: Keep your license key safe. You'll need it during Sendy installation. Don't share it as misuse can lead to suspension.

2. Download Sendy from their website.

Instead of looking for your email, you can directly download Sendy from their website.

Sendy download

For this,

1. Visit Sendy's Get Updated page here - https://sendy.co/get-updated
2. Enter your license key and hit download.

This will start the process of downloading Sendy.


Remember, Sendy requires a web server to function, such as an Amazon EC2 instance. Make sure you have this in place and that it meets Sendy's minimum requirements, including PHP and MySQL. Lastly, ensure your web host is whitelisted in your SES account.

If you don't want to get into the hassle of downloading, installing and setting up Sendy, use our fully managed service - Sendybay.com


Happy Email Marketing!