Updated On
January 11, 2022

How to add unsubscribe link in Sendy

Adding an unsubscribe link in your emails is quite straightforward when you are using Drag and Drop email builder integration in Sendy that comes with your Sendybay installation. In this post, we will go through the end to end details of it.

What are email Unsubscribe links?

It's a link in the email campaign which allows your users to unsubscribe from your mailing list. While it might be painful to see your users leave, in the longer term, this turns out to be beneficial for you. 

Why do you need an Unsubscribe link in the first place?

  • It avoids frustration on user’s ends. You are left with only engaged users which helps with open rate and overall deliverability score.
  • They serve as feedback towards the quality of your email content. If you are getting a lot of unsubscribes, you probably need to sharpen your content.
  • It avoids spam! In the absence of an unsubscribe link, your users will end up marking your emails as spam and as you’d have already figured out by now, nothing could be worse. Unsubscribe gives them a clean way to leave the house.

How to add an unsubscribe link in Sendy?

When using Sendy hosted with Sendybay, adding Unsubscribe links is super easy. Here’s what you will need to do

Step 1: Add the text that would serve as a link

Step 2: Highlight it

Highlighting the text will reveal utility toolbar. It has various tools to format the text, including adding links. Notice the "Special links" options.

Step 3: Choose “Unsubscribe” from Special links dropdown

That’s it!

When your users receive the email, they will be able to click this link if they wish to unsubscribe. Once they unsubscribe, they will not be sent any future campaigns.