Email Testing

Test your emails before sending them
Get spam score, detect broken links, get suggestions on improving Inbox open
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Email content check ✅

Have you got a lot of images in your email? Maybe there's a broken link due to typo? Or a Chrome extension has added Javascript in your email campaign. 🥲

Our test reports share suggestion on
- text-to-image ratio of your email
- dangerous HTML code that will trigger spam
- any broken links in the email

Spam rating 📈

What do spam algorithms think about your email? Maybe it smells of spam? 👎 or your domain blacklisted?

This section of the report tells you how might Gmail / Yahoo rate you on spammy-ness. It will also give you suggestions on what you can do to avoid spam trap.

Domain config ⚙️

Have you configured important bits of your domain properly? SPF, DKIM, DMARC records? Is one of them outdated and will affect your email campaigns?

The report advises you on the behind the curtain stuff that needs to be looked at.