Sendybay provides high performance servers for your hosting needs. Our on-call engineers are constantly monitoring uptime and making sure things are working smoothly.
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Reliable Servers

Peace of mind with 99% Uptime

Sendybay hosting is stable and fast. You no longer have to worry about CRONs slowing down or websites loading slowly.

Free SSL Certificates

Our servers are tailored for keeping your setup secure. We provide free SSL certificates for all domains hosted with her.

Data Encryption at Rest

At Sendybay, we take your data security very seriously. Towards this, we've added customisation to encrypt and store critical information. One of the things encrypted is your Amazon SES keys. We never store the original keys in the DB. Instead, an encrypted value is stored which can only be accessed when sending campaigns.

Automated Upgrades & Backups

Your database is automatically backed up regularly. Your backups are encrypted and stored in Amazon S3. You can download the latest copy of your DB from your dashboard.

In addition, your Sendy installation is automatically upgraded every time Sendy releases a new version.