Updated On
February 28, 2021

How to create Sendy templates

Email templates are a huge time saver when it comes to email marketing. For sending anything that has a recurring schedule, you would want to use the same format every time. Sendy supports creating and reusing email templates for your campaigns. 

How templates work in Sendy

You can access your stored templates from the “Templates” navigation menu on the left side. This loads up all of your pre-created templates. This is also where you can create new templates from.

Creating and editing templates

You can create a new template by hitting the “Create” button. This loads the new template page which has an empty template. In Sendybay, Drag and Drop Email Builder is elected as the default editor. In order to switch back to the HTML editor, you will need to select the “Switch to HTML editor” button.

Create new template in Sendy

Using templates in a campaign

In order to use the template for your new campaign, you need to click the “Eye” icon as seen below. 

Doing this redirects you to the new campaign page, which will have the template you have already selected.

Drag & Drop Email Templates

Sendybay exclusively supports Drag and Drop Email Builder for Sendy. You can easily create templates without worrying about the HTML of the email. These templates can also be used in the campaign, just like the HTML templates that Sendy supports by default.

Drag and Drop Email Templates for Sendy

Merge Tags

Using the new editor, you can easily add merge tags without editing any HTML or adding any special text. The new editor provides a dropdown of Merge Tags that are supported by Sendy.

Using Merge Tags in Sendy
Using Merge Tags in Sendy

Special Links

Special links are dynamic links for Unsubscribe, Web Version of the Email and Re-consent link. Our new editor provides support for adding these via a single click. As with merge tags, you do not need to work with HTML here.

Special Links in Drag and Drop Builder

240 Free Templates

Sendybay comes with 240 pre-installed newsletter templates. These templates only work with our new Drag and Drop editor. All of Bee Plugin’s free templates are supported. You can check them out here.

Free Sendy Templates
Free Sendy Templates

You can use them in your campaign just like any other templates, by clicking the “Use in campaign” button.

Wrap Up

Templates are one of the key things that help you be more efficient with your email marketing. At Sendybay, we see this use case as an important one and try to make high performing templates available. If you have feedback on the templates we provide, or would generally like to reach out to us, drop us a line at support@sendybay.com