Updated On
November 5, 2023

Install Sendy on Amazon EC2

Installing Sendy on Amazon EC2: A Quick Guide

Sendy is a cost-effective email marketing tool that works perfectly with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). Here's how you can install Sendy on Amazon EC2.

  1. Setup Amazon EC2 Instance: First, you need an Amazon EC2 instance. Login to AWS, select EC2, and create a new instance. Choose a Linux-based server like Amazon Linux 2 AMI.
  2. Install LAMP Stack: Sendy requires a web server, PHP, and MySQL to run. Install a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on your EC2 instance.
  3. Setup Amazon RDS: Sendy needs a MySQL database. Use Amazon RDS to create one. Note the host address, database name, username, and password.
  4. Install Sendy: Download Sendy from the official site and extract it in the web server's root directory.
  5. Configure Sendy: Open config.php in Sendy directory. Enter database details (from step 3) and your AWS SES details.
  6. Complete Setup: Open Sendy in your web browser by entering your EC2's public IP address followed by /sendy. Follow the instructions to finish the installation.


  • Ensure your EC2 security group allows HTTP and HTTPS traffic.
  • Use Amazon SES responsibly to avoid service suspension.

This guide provides a quick overview. Each step has intricacies requiring careful attention. Please consult detailed guides or expert help if needed. Happy emailing!