Updated On
October 19, 2020

Send Newsletter and Emails 100x cheaper via Amazon SES

Amazon's simple email service has been a blessing in disguise for many businesses and companies worldwide. This cloud based platform is reliable, scalable, and cost-effective, making it so popular among businesses and workplaces. Amazon SES allows users to send their email to their customers, consisting of meaningful content. There are various platforms that you can use to get started with Amazon SES's impressive email service. The security provided by Amazon to its clients using their SES services is unmatched. With the introduction of Amazon SES service, there has been a possibility to provide bulk email services that are cheap, economical, and fast. Out of all the platforms, we suggest you go with Sendy to be one of the best so far, having innumerable benefits.


One of the best platforms to get started with Amazon SES is Sendy. Though there are many platforms one can choose, Sendy is the one which is most recommended due to the various advantages that it offers its customers. With Sendy's use as a platform for Amazon SES, you can experience a more accessible network that helps to bridge the gap. There are two ways you can get started using the Sendy platform. The first one is the professional platform, which is way cheaper than any other platform available in the market. The cost of 10,000 emails is just $1 encompassing vast features along with it. Features such as bounce, tracking, and notification alerts are included, making Sendy undoubtedly the best in the market.

The other platform is a more casual one in which you can prefer to work automatically by hosting it yourself. Using casual platforms also comes with various benefits. You can send emails using HTML and straightforward texts. Also, setting up brands and campaigns becomes very easy using this hosting service. You get a privilege to import your contacts using the XML feature.

Sendy has an excellent machine learning compatibility that automatically sends emails to customers interested in a particular product driving the businesses' sales. Sendy's transactional emails come with a great design and user experience unmatched to any other platform. Sendy has been very beneficial for the e-commerce industry, one of which is explained above. Sendy can be integrated with various third-party applications such as Joomla, Zapier, and WordPress.

While using Sendy, you can generate a lot of information that cannot be seen on other platforms. Rewards, which are based on attention metrics, help Sendy to increase the interaction with customers. Having more visibility helps marketers worldwide to get a better return on investments in their email marketing. This is because the visibility is enhanced, and the level of engagement with the content is far superior to any other platforms. Below are some of Sendy's most exciting features, which will give you a better understanding while using this platform for sending news and emails using Amazon SES.

Features of Sendy:

Newsletters are 100x cheaper using the Sendy Platform:

Gone are the days where businesses had to pay a hefty fee for sending bulk SMS. With the rise in small businesses and startups worldwide, Sendy has made it easy to get their customer's attention using their email services. Using Sendy, you can send around 10,000 emails for just $1. By far, this is the best rate in the market that cannot be offered by any other platform.

Managed Reports:

Sendy can offer customers with reports that are well managed to get details quickly from them. The reports are formatted to provide the exact information that is required by the clients. Countries with their charts and data are offered to make a study and then analyse quickly. Sendy also offers clients the freedom to export a segment of their subscribers form the given report if they look forward to retargeting purposes.

Well managed client accounts:

With Sendy, businesses can manage their client accounts very quickly. Separate clients are arranged in groups or brands which can be accessed to the clients to start their email servicing at a price fixed. The client can easily send their newsletters and emails by themselves after arranging them into their brands. Clients are given access to send emails monthly, having a limit that is managed by Sendy.


The introduction of automated emails that can be directly sent to clients on a particular time interval has made Sendy a popular self-hosted platform. You can now follow up with your potential clients by periodically updating them with your newsletters and emails sent automatically. This will help keep all your subscribers engaged to your brand and get the most out of your clients.

List segmentation:

Sendy has the list segmentation feature that helps you list your potential customers based on their value and then keep interacting with them through scheduled newsletters and emails. It has been seen that periodically sending newsletters and emails to your potential clients increase interaction and sale by almost 25%.

Store more:

In Sendy, you are free to store information from your client. Apart from the name and email addresses, you can store any details of your subscribers. With the use of a customisable field, you are free to store as much information about your customers so that you can refer to it in the future.


If you have people who are not interested anymore in your emails, you can put them in the suppression list. This list consists of the people who are no longer your clients, saving you from sending them your emails and newsletters. There are also instances where you want a particular amount of clients to be informed. You can avoid the ones not required during such operations by putting them in the suppression list.

Custom Domains:

Sendy allows you to use your custom domains, which are far better than using URLs. Using a custom domain will help connect better with your clients as they know exactly who is sending them the newsletters and emails.

Apart from these features mentioned above, there are also plenty more, making Sendy a win-win choice for your business. Keep in touch with your potential customers automatically without having to worry about anything. In short, Sendy helps businesses gain more popularity through its integrated and well-defined email and newsletters.


Sendybay is a supercharged Sendy hosting that helps to interact with your customers in a much-redefined manner. What is impressive about Sendybay is that it still is the most affordable Sendy hosting platform because it comes with so many features. With exemplary customer support and ongoing email, servicing features Sendybay is believed to have blessed many businesses worldwide.

There are plenty of features that make Sendybay one of the best hosting platforms for Sendy. Sendybay offers its clients with very intuitive templates that help connect better with clients. A total of 241 templates are offered to clients whom you can choose as you desire. Visit Sendybay to learn more on how to setup Sendy.


There are a total of four packages which you can choose from. The starter pack is for just $12 offering you 150K emails every month drag and drop feature and your Sendy license to have an uninterrupted experience. The Sendybay Lite pack comes at an affordable price of just $25, offering clients around 1million free emails. The Sendybay Pro pack is available at an unbelievable price of just $37 per month. This pack offers around 3 million emails. The last Sendybay package is known as the enterprise package used, especially by large businesses and workplaces. Under this package, the monthly price is $100, and clients get around 10 million free emails per month.

There are different ways of setting up Sendy and what is impressive about the setup process is you do not require any technical skills for the same. Out of all, installing Sendy using Sendybay is the most beneficial and is explained below:

To install Sendy using Sendybay, you first have to sign up for Sendy. After the sign up is done, a database gets created, and the application entries are put in their proper places. Apart from these two, an SSL is applied to the custom domain chosen by you to get started. There is no need for any technical requirements to install Sendy using Sendybay. The setup gets ready within seconds, and you can start right away. The entire hosting is managed by the platform itself, which is fantastic for businesses with little knowledge about the process. Installing Sendy using the Sendybay platform has its advantages, which are mentioned below:

  • There is an overall improvement in performance and stability, helping clients continue their daily tasks with more ease.
  • If there is a new Sendy version, an automatic updating is done.
  • Clients are provided with a sound support system ready to guide them if any issues are faced.


Choosing Sendy for all your email and newsletter requirements is a perfect choice as it has so many benefits which no other hosting platforms can offer. With Sendybay, the Sendy hosting platform is enhanced with multiple features, allowing businesses to manage their daily newsletters and email services automatically. For an uninterrupted email and newsletter hosting platform, always choose Sendy + Sendybay.